Investing in Indonesia

For investors and world economic players, Indonesia is one of the big markets in Asia that is very calculated. Various ways can be done to be able to enter into utilizing this huge and market potential.

Certainly need holistic knowledge in exploring the possibility of doing business in Indonesia. In order for all to be able to run smoothly before carrying out economic activities, it is necessary to have a socio-cultural approach and fully understand the characteristics of the community in each diverse region.

Together with Investa Indonesia you will be guided and served comprehensively by experts in their fields in building business in Indonesia.

Ranging from: planning and available project offerings - licensing for opening branch offices / foreign workforce licenses - providing local workforce staff - and legal certainty for the business you have established has met all the legal requirements that apply in Indonesia.

  1. Project planning and offerings available. By knowing your business plan in Indonesia, we will provide a list of potential projects available in our database.
  2. Licensing for opening branch offices / representatives, local / Foreign Investment companies. To be able to conduct large-scale economic activities and facilitate and accelerate the penetration of your business in Indonesia, we will help you start from opening a branch office / representative in the form of a representative office while preparing for the establishment of Foreign Investment Company in Indonesia.
    Open a branch office / representative with a virtual office in the center business distict which is adjusted to the direction of concentration of its business.
    Establishment of Foreign Investment Company which includes permits:
    • Check and book company names in the Ministry of Law & Human Rights.
    • Making a Deed of Establishment of the Company by a Notary.
    • Ratification of the Deed of Establishment at the Ministry of Law & Human Rights.
    • Arranging Domicile Letters at a local government office.
    • Arrangements in the OSS (One Single Service) for all permit documents relating to the field of business carried out.
  3. Arrangement of permits for foreign workers and foreign investors.
    For those of you who will place foreign workers in a branch office / representative of Indonesia, you must fulfill bureaucratic requirements as a provision of labor law that applies in Indonesia.
    Management of foreign labor permits which include:
    • RPTKA: Plan for the Use of Foreign Workers by Department of Manpower
    • Notification of payment of DKP-TKA paid to bank BNI46
    • DKP-TKA: Compensation Fund for the Use of Foreign Workers
    • Payment notification VITAS + KITAS + MERP
    • VITAS: Limited Stay Visa by Immigration
    • KITAS: Temporary Stay Permit Card by Immigration
    • MERP: Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit by Immigration
    • STM: Reporting Letter by Indonesian Police
    • LKOA: Report on the Existence of Foreigners by Local Manpower office
    • Civil Registry: Foreign Population Identity Card by Civil Registration Office
    • Arrangement of permit for foreign investors which includes:
      • Letter of Recommendation from BKPM (Capital Investment Coordinating Board)
      • VITAS
      • KITAS
      • MERP
      • STM
      • LKOA
      • Civil Registry