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Land Investment Business Prospect in Hambalang Bogor

MatureLand Investment Business Prospect in Hambalang - Bogor Region

Bogor is a small region in West Java, just 40-60 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the Capital Region of Jakarta. It is famous for the serenity ambience, cool climate, and beautiful scenery of hills and mountains surrounding it.

Many of Jakarta citizens invest for land or houses In Bogor, because it is one of the best investment in property, and therefore it is always a safe and promising investment to develop a real estate in Bogor. 

Investa Indonesia  hereby offer you a private land,  located in Bogor that is suitable for various purposes such as:

  • Real Estate
  • Public Facility i.e. Hospital, School
  • Plantation  
  • Recreational area
  • Tourist Attraction
  • Etc.

Land Specification

Total land area : ± 60,000 sqm (6 hectares)

Land Ownership Status: 5 hectares of the land has HGB certificate (Sertifikat Hak Guna Bangun or Rights to Build Certificate), and 1 hectare of the land has AJB certificate (Akta Jual Beli, or Contract of Sales).

Land View: Hill view

Land Condition: Mature Land, asphalt roadway has been established.

Land Access: Wide main entrance, accessible for bus and dump truck tronton.

Land Facility:  -  3 show units of residential house available - Main Gate

Land Surroundings

  • Strategically located near agro tourism 
  • Pasir Mukti
  • BPT
  • BNPB,
  • only 30 minutes from Sentul Circuit

We are open for other business alternatives aside from the sales of the land, and would like to hear from potential investors about their ideas about maximizing the land potential 

For those of you potential investors, we invite you to send your inquiry regarding data of project in the chat room or please contact us on +62813 1024 0118/ email:

Data can be seen in the file attachment.